Saucer Burro
Saucer Burro

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Saucer Burro

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This one is for Saucer Boy, the GNAR, and Tahoe. As a heads up, if you're east coast based like the burro boys and you're joining up with friends for a ski trip either make sure to verify which big western lake you're going to first or buy southwest so you can re direct your flight from salt lake to tahoe.

As a heads up, these shirts come out of the package smelling like a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips due to the dyeing process. But if you wear them for five days straight without washing, we guarantee that you will feel like your bathing in buttered noodles.

PS If you buy this shirt it actually gets fulfilled from some friends of ours. It's nice because it helps lower some of our overhead, but it's a bummer because we don't get to send you a card or put it in one of our interesting bags. Just a heads up.

• Ash is 99% cotton, 1% polyester
• Pre-shrunk
• Boxy fit

Size guide

S (inches) 28 18
M (inches) 29 20
L (inches) 30 22
XL (inches) 31 24
2XL (inches) 32 26